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Episode. 1


Outfits and Weapons
Episode. 1
Episode. 2
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Gambaru: Episode #1

Summary: Four Girls (Shagotten, Ureshii, Jigoku, and Mahou) Go out on a voyage through Japan to help people and prove to themselves and others that they can take care of themselves.

Episode. 1 The Beginning


A young 14-year-old girl was sitting up on her computer researching for a school project and chatting with friends at the same time. She always tended to do this when she got bored of trying to find information on some old dead guy. Especially one named Vincent Van Gough, even though she knew that he was a very important, and a very good artist. It still bored her. Her name was Shagotten. She had shoulder length curly hair, dark skin, but not really dark, and pink eyes. She was wearing fake French nails that delayed her good typing.


Shagotten thought she had a pretty good life. It was nice, sturdy, fun, but it didnt have any action in it. The same thing happened every day. Tuesday-Friday she would wake up, shower, get dressed, comb her hair, eat breakfast, brush her teeth, and head off to school with her sisters. Saturday-Monday she would do her chores, go out with friends, come back home, hang out with her sisters, and then when the time came watch all of the cool anime shows she loved, also with her sisters.


Shagotten and her sisters had a tight relationship. Sure, they could fight at times, but at other times they were best friends. They were constantly there for each other, and did almost everything together. It was fun, but Shagotten wanted more adventure in her life. She was adventurous and didnt want to miss one bit of doing something filled with fear. Sure, it could be scary, but it was still fun to her.



Jigoku Williams, the third age place of the Williams sisters, was laughing and eating ice cream having a joyful time with her friends at Yasashii Ice Cream. She acted like she was drunk, though she wasnt. Jigoku was just acting like her usual goofy self. Didnt surprise anyone. Her friends laughed, told jokes, and ate ice cream the whole time. What was the point of going to Yasashii Ice Cream if you werent going to have a good time? I mean


look at the name for gods sake. Yasashii Ice Cream, which meant Splendid Ice Cream in Japanese.

Jigoku was much more nice and fun than her name explains. Jigoku means Hell in Japanese. She could be rather b*thcy at times, yes, but she could be very funny and nice too.

Jigoku had long, dark brown straight hair. She had dark skin, and brown eyes. Her nails were fake and circular with green tiger slashes on them. She did have a good sense in style, but when she was having a bad day she wore some of the oddest stuff, as Mahou says.

"So. Who wants to go to the movies now? Im bored." Heather stated. She was rather tired of the three other girls constant laughing.

"Ok Heather. If were annoying you that much." Jigoku said giving a devilish smile.

The four girls got up from their booth, put fifteen dollars on the table, and left for the movie theater. They werent sure what they were going to watch, but they would figure it out when they got there.



WHOOONOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! You could here this constant word come out randomly at Fuzakerus Teen Club. Mahou was there, as usual on every Friday night, and taking the original DJs place. She was playing How soon is now? By The Smiths. Or the Charmed theme song. She made it more turntable.

Everybody in the club loved Mahous DJing. Even the original DJ did. They were all rocking out to the awesome songs that Mahou chose.


Mahou decided to take a break, and hand it over to the DJ for a while so she could get a drink and dance.

She headed over to the circular bar and ordered one Coke.

Watching the dance floor, Mahou recognized a familiar face. Her best friend Nally. Nally was supposed to meet Mahou two hours ago.

Mahou felt her body water start to boil. Watching my sick grandmother my a*s! Mahou whispered to herself. She walked out to the dance floor and started to dance with Nally. She wasnt so much as mad at her, but more of disappointed at her. If she didnt want to go out with Mahou all she had to do was say so. Nothing could put Mahou down.


They both had a good time, not mad at each other.

Mahou had head short brown hair, tanned skin, and purple eyes; she was wearing black French nails that had red fade on them that looked like blood. Some people thought it actually was blood



Ureshii was soundlessly watching movies with her best friend Hilary.

Ureshii was the oldest of the Williams sisters and the only one that wasnt blood related.

Mr. and Mrs. Williams had adopted Ureshii. Her parents had died in a car crash, and the Williams family was always her first pick if her parents had ever left her.


"Enough blood?" Hilary said twitching a little. They were watching Kill Bill Vol. 1 and would soon be watching Kill Bill Vol. 2.


The blood didnt bother Ureshii. She was used to all of this. She hadnt seen worse, but she just wasnt squeamish, which was the opposite of Shagotten.

"Is it too much for you? We can change it." Ureshii offered. "No. No. Its ok. I can handle it." Hilary said, pulling a pillow closer to her face and twitching again.

Ureshii smiled and went back to watching the movie.


Ureshii had short black spiky her, pale skin, and a small body. She wasnt completely skinny, but it wasnt like she was big.

Her attitude was outgoing, serious at times, dedicated, and funny at times.


Mahou had and attitude that blew everyone out of this world. Very outgoing, could be mean with how outgoing she was, but still nice. Not afraid to be herself, which is something her and Shagotten have in common.


Shagotten wasnt very outgoing, but definitely more outgoing than she was when she was little. And its not like she would lock herself up all of the time when she really had something to say. She was sometimes vicious, but everyone was, and she could be very clueless, and tends to daydream.


Well, thats for the information.

Next time on Gambaru: The MSN Conversation: Shagotten has a talk with some of her friends on MSN Messenger, and is surprised at what they say. She starts looking into it as well


See you soon!


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