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Episode. 2


Outfits and Weapons
Episode. 1
Episode. 2
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Gambaru: Episode #2

Show Meaning: Four Girls (Me (Shagotten), Stephanie (Ureshii), Brijette (Jigoku), and Jade (Mahou)) Go out on a voyage through Japan to help people and prove to themselves and others that they can take care of themselves.



Episode. 2 The MSN Conversation


Shagotten Williams was still up on her computer. She had been done researching for the night and decided to start on it again tomorrow.


Three of her friends were on MSN Messenger and they were having a group talk.


Shagotten- (flp 2): So what? You two are together now or somethin?


Ally Babbly: No, were just going out tomorrow night. Its gonna be bomb!


Nu I Chto B*tch? - Okkkknow that thats over. Lets talk about something other than boys please. Its boring the hell out of me. And trust me. Theres a lot


Shagotten- (flp 2): Lol!


Cronno: Lol! Im sure there is!


Ally Babbly: Lol! I second that quoin


Nu I Chto B*tch?: (ew)


Cronno: So, Shagotten, talked to your parents?


Shagotten- (flp 2): Uhmm. yeah. after school today.


Ally Babbly: About?


Shagotten- (flp 2): Uhmthe teachers, my project, what were having for dinner


Cronno: NO stoopit. About what you think of your life?


Shagotten- (flp 2): What about my life?


Nu I Chto B*tch? - Oh, come ON Shagotten. You are constantly saying that your life is boring!!!!!!!!!!! Have you talked to them about it yet?


Shagotten- (flp 2):  No


Nu I Chto B*tch?: Are you planning to?


Shagotten- (flp 2): No


Nu I Chto B*tch? : Why not?


Shagotten- (flp 2): No

Shagotten- (flp 2): Oh, right.


Shagotten- (flp 2): I dont know. I guess I never thought about talking to my parents about it. And besides, what can they do about it? Its not like theyll just let me go off and do what I want. They want me to be protected. Like Im more protected here than I am anywhere else with all of the sh*t going on in the world today


Ally Babbly: Hey, you never know. Parents can surprise you sometimes.


Cronno: Yeah, my rents let me go to a party with and 18-year-old chaperone


Nu I Chto B*tch? : Really? Did that happen to be your little sisters birthday party?

Cronno: Shut up


Shagotten- (flp 2): So what do you expect me to do? Ask them if my sisters and me can go off on some kind of journey all by ourselves through Japan?


Ally Babbly: Why your sisters?


Shagotten- (flp 2): I dunno I just thought they might want to come too


Shagotten- (flp 2)- Like They would let me go anyways!


Cronno: Like I said, you never know..


Nu I Chto B*tch? : Were just saying that you should talk to them about it. And like Cronnos little party you never know what the rentals will let you do sometimes


Shagotten- (flp 2): Sometimes


Shagotten- (flp 2): Fine, Ill talk to them about it. And Ill talk to Ureshii, Mahou, and Jigoku too, to see what they think. Gonna go. ttyt!



Ally Babbly: Bye! Ttyt!


Nu I Chto B*tch? : Bye bye bye!!! Ttyt! Get on first thing when you can kk?


Shagotten- (flp 2): Kk. Gtcha! B-bye!




Next Time On Gambaru:  Mahou Returns Home; Noticing Part. 1: Mahou returns home from the teen club she goes to, and her parents scold her for going out so late. Plus, Mr. and Mrs. Williams notice the insecurity of the four girls.

See you soon!


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