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Episode. 1
Episode. 2
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Welcome to the Gambaru Website!

The Gambaru Team is excited that you are visiting our web site!

On this site you'll find information about Gambaru, the main characters of Gambaru , along with the episodes! We hope you will find all of the information you are looking for about Gambaru here!

 What does 'Gambaru' mean?
 A very popular term used when encouraging someone is a difficult task. Some English translations are "Hang in there!," "Don't give up!," "Do your best!," and "Give it your all!" Note: the verb phrase shikkari suru has an overlapping meaning, but slightly different connotations. Apparently, the latter term implies use of innate abilities as opposed to a conscious act of willpower. The two are generally interchangeable, though. The command forms of "gambaru" are "gambatte" and "gambare."

What's New?


Episode. 1 The Beggining:
The first episode of Gambaru is Up!